University of Saskatchewan One Health Initiative

The One Health Initiative is considered one of six signature areas of research at the University of Saskatchewan.  Each area is an 'outstanding achievement enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place.'

This initiative promotes and facilitates research, education and training in One Health.  The research addresses complex problems in human, animal and/or ecosystem health and is undertaken by integrated teams of medical, animal (including veterinary), social and environmental scientists.  The educational and training programs address challenges in integrated health science plus methods for collaborative, interdisciplinary problem solving for undergraduate and graduate students as well as established scientists and health practitioners.

History of One Health Initiative 

Collaborators from the University of Saskatchewan faculty, government agencies (Ministry of Health, PHAC, CFIA) and industry attended a One Health Workshop to identify a One Health Strategic Plan (Dec 2011) which involved four research and two training priorities.

Core financial support for the One Health Initiative was recieved from the University of Saskachewan's Council of Health Science Deans (CHSD) and the Provost's Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP).  

A second One Health retreat was held in March 2014.  Colleagues learned of national and international One Health opportunities; discussed progress and challenges of the research themes and training programs; and developed plans for moving the One Health Initiaitive forward.  The One Health 2014 Retreat Report was developed.

To find out more, view the succinct overview of the One Health Initiative 2010-14