One Health Community Needs & Services


Dr. Tasha Epp (WCVM) and Dr. Phil Woods (Nursing)

Theme Goal

To examine an integrated One Health approach to community health assessment, health provision, and animal-assisted support and therapy in selected communities.

Update on activities

The current work of this group has been related to engaging the community as this is considered an emerging strength at the U of S.  The work is divided into 3 subareas:

  1. Integrated community health assessment: develop new methods for community health needs assessment that integrate human-animal-environmental dimensions. (Nursing - Phil Woods and Donna Rennie; Medicine  -  Cory Neudorf)
  2. Integrated health service delivery: develop and evaluate an integrated inter-professional human and animal health service delivery model in selected communities, including rural, remote and Aboriginal communities; examine the professional and legal implications of such a health service delivery model. (Nursing - Phil Woods; Medicine - Cory Neudorf and Bruce Reeder; WCVM/SPH - Tasha Epp)
  3. Animal-assisted therapy: develop and evaluate a pilot program of animal-assisted therapy for individuals with selected health conditions (Sociology/SPH - Colleen Dell; WCVM/SPH - Tasha Epp; WCVM – Claire Card.)

The group will focus on learning and teaching through a combined service model. These are the prime areas to start to build a community of health professionals aware of other disciplines and capable of working together within communities. Within the veterinary college, there is a specific pilot project under development to provide veterinary services to a northern Saskatchewan community (La Ronge) by means of a mobile clinic.  Whether this animal health clinic can ever by integrated with or contribute towards “one health” services in the community will be a question to pursue in the long term. As this is an emerging research theme the goals are long term; they are focused on exploring the possibilities rather than the evaluating the application of concrete planned services.   

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